Lemiyon Triangle

Details The Lemiyon Triangle is a unique region that is located in the northernmost end of a park. The area […]

Matete Woodlands

Details Matete Woodlands is a must-visit destination for those who are seeking a wildlife adventure like no other. Nestled in

Burungi Circuit

Details The Burungi Circuit is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Lesser Kudu, which hides in the thick

Lake Burungi

Details Lake Burungi is a stunning soda water lake located in Tanzania’s Manyara Region, which is situated in the northern

Tarangire River

Details The Tarangire River is one of the most remarkable and biodiverse areas of Tanzania. It serves as a crucial

Kitibong Hill

Details The Kitibong Hill is located in the Kitibong region, an area known for its natural beauty, wildlife and stunning

Tarangire Hill

Details Tarangire Hill is a small but stunning hill that serves as a destination for walking safaris in the Tarangire

Silale Swamp

Details Silale Swamp is a hidden gem in the eastern end of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. This large swampy plateau

Silale Swamp Picnic Site

Details Silale Swamp Picnic site is one of the few picnic sites in Tarangire National Park that you may visit

Sangaiwe Gate

Details Sangaiwe Gate is an access point on Tarangire National Park’s western boundary that is used to enter into the

Poacher’s Baobab Hide

Details Poacher’s Hide is a marvellous old baobab tree with a slightly hidden entrance and an internal cavern once used

Matete Picnic Site

Details Matete Picnic Site is a small, tranquil spot that offers visitors a chance to unwind and enjoy the natural

Loiborsiret Ranger Post

Details Loiborsiret ranger post lies on the eastern border of Tarangire National Park and serves as an official entrance or

Kuro Ranger Post

Details At Kuro Ranger Post, you can get assistance, directions, or information about the park. You can also arrange for

Kimotorok Ranger Post

Details Kimotorok Ranger Post, located on the park’s southeastern boundary, serves as an essential entry and departure point. This distant

Boundary Hill gate

Details Boundary Hill Gate is a security checkpoint and ranger’s outpost located on the northeastern border of Tarangire National Park.

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