South Serengeti

Lake Masek

Details Lake Masek is a soda lake located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) in Tanzania. It is situated in […]

Olduvai Gorge

Details Olduvai Gorge, the cradle of mankind is a paleoanthropological site in Tanzania that has been instrumental in our understanding

Hidden Valley

Details The Hidden Valley is a depression and water catchment region in the Serengeti grasslands, about 20 northwest of Ndutu,

The Triangle

Details The Triangle is an area located in Southern Serengeti that has a high density of wild animals, in Northern

Kusini Kopjes

Details Nestled in the heart of Serengeti National Park lies a hidden gem that many visitors often overlook – the

Mwanakenda Kopjes

Details Mwanakenda Kopjes are a small group of koppies that are situated where Maswa wildlife reserve starts and the Serengeti

Soito Kopjes

Details Soito Kopjes is a hidden gem made of massive rocks in a group in the Serengeti National Park that

Matiti Plains and Twin Hills

Details The magnificent Matiti Plains encompass the Twin Hills, and it is here, in the southern Serengeti, that female wildebeests

Maswa Game Reserve

Details If you are a wildlife enthusiast and planning a safari trip to Tanzania, the Maswa Game Reserve should definitely

Lake Ngorono

Details Lake Ngorono is a shallow alkaline lake located near the beginning of the Mbalageti river in the southeastern part

Kusini Plains

Details The Kusini Plains in the Serengeti National Park offer a unique combination of grasslands and forested areas, which results

Bolela Bontemi Kopjes

Details The Bolela Bontemi kopjes are an impressive rock formation located in the South Western part of the Serengeti National

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