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Walking Safaris

[layerslider id=”6″][fusion_tabs design=”classic” layout=”horizontal” justified=”yes” backgroundcolor=”” inactivecolor=”#ededed” bordercolor=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_tab title=”TOUR DETAILS” icon=””]Walking safaris are, for many that regularly return to Africa, the ultimate way to experience the bush. While countries such as Zambia and Zimbabwe tend to steal the limelight for their walking itineraries, Tanzania does also, in fact, have some very good walking safaris and, when the troubles in Zimbabwe happened many of the top guides from there headed up to Tanzania to ply their trade and thus raised the bar as far as what you can expect.
Walks in the National Parks have to abide by the strict rules laid out by TANAPA (Tanzanian National Park Authorities); these rules have been put in place to make walking as safe as possible. At least one TANAPA must accompany no more than six guests can go for a walk at any one time; and they qualified armed ranger, who must stick to specific walking routes. These regulations are however relatively new to Tanzania’s national parks, and so we would only recommend walking from camps that we know have a consistent record for reliably good walking safaris, and well-established guides.

Tanzania’s Game Reserves are run by a slightly more liberal organization called the Game Division whose regulations are less clear – this has created a disparity in walking safari standards. Walking Safaris are hugely dependent on how experienced and knowledgeable the guide is – they can, therefore, be a bit hit-and-miss. All of our recommended Camps use their highly qualified guides who stick to rules, which have been set by their individual camp – these walking safaris are exquisite. So do include some walking in your Tanzania safari, but do talk to us first as experiences can vary hugely between camps.

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