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It is necessary to have comprehensive tour insurance, on all trekking and tours. We require your travel insurance details upon booking your vacation, to include on the passenger list.
Most travel insurance policies do not include cover for adrenaline sports and adventure activities. These include white-water rafting, sky diving and bungee jumping. So double check your policy inclusions.

World Nomads Insurance offer tour insurance and, most importantly, cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend your travel insurance includes cancellation and curtailment insurance. The majority of tour departures are guaranteed (confirmed to depart) but in the unlikely event of a tour departure being cancelled, you would be protected.
In the case of credit card insurance, we recommend you check the fine print to ensure you have adequate cover as credit card companies offer a standard option. Sometimes, just for a simple problem, you may have to be airlifted to South Africa as many public hospitals in Africa are below western standards.

If you choose to use your credit card insurance, you will need to call your bank to obtain your policy details. This is how:
•    Phone your bank
•    Give them your Bank Card Number
•    They will ask you to verify your account
•    Then you need to ask for the insurance company name
•    Then you need to ask for the policy number
•    Remember to keep the telephone number you dialed

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