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Tanzania Launch Electronic Visa and Residence Permit

Tanzania new e-visa and residence permit

A new online Tanzania VISA application and residence permit has been officially launched for foreign nationals wishing to visit or live in Tanzania. This swift and amazing step was taken in order to enhance efficiency, security as well as boost revenue collection for Tanzania.  The move is aimed at enhancing efficiency, boost investment and security as well as revenue collection. Speaking at the launching event, Tanzania’s Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa had lots of praise for the move, terming it: “Electronic visas and online applied residence permits are part of efforts made by the Government to ease access to the country with the aim of promoting investment especially in the industrial sector.” Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa also added that the purpose of the new technology to enhance security in the country and boost government revenues as all related fees which will solely be paid by applicants online and electronically through government’s special e-payment system. The launched VISA application for Tanzania and other e-immigration related services begin immediately, meaning all foreigners wishing to visit or reside in Tanzania can make applications online though the following link below.


Tanzania Visas

In order for a foreigner to be granted permission to enter and remain or stay in the United Republic of Tanzania for a specific period of time a visa is required from the government of the United Republic of Tanzania. This visa must be issued to a visitor who intends to enter the country for a specific duration and or reason of visit which may include, tourism, leisure, holiday, attending conferences, volunteering, business meetings, education, research,  health treatment or any other related activities recognised by Laws of the country. Tanzania provides:-

  1. Single Entry Visa (Ordinary Visa)
  2. Multiple Entry Visa
  3. Transit Visa
  4. Business Visa


Read more about VISA for Tanzania and how to apply here.

Tanzania Residence Permits

Residence permits are issued to foreigners who intend to reside in Tanzania for investment, business, employment or any related legal activity. if someone has the desire to stay longer, they will be required to get a Residence Permit or Pass. These residence permits can be categorised as

Residence Permit Class ‘A’, to engage in trade, Business, Profession, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, dealers in mining of Minerals or manufacturing;

Residence Permit Class ‘B’ for foreigners who have obtained specified employment in Tanzania and has been issued with a Work Permit from the Ministry of Labour and Employment

Residence Permit Class ‘C’ for students, researchers, volunteers, persons attending cases in Courts of Law,  and persons attending medical treatment in hospitals and persons who have formerly been residents and are about to leave the country (also known as persons who are winding up affairs).

For more information about permits and VISAS please visit the official Tanzania’s Immigration Department website: http://www.immigration.go.tz/index.php/en/online-services 

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