Tanzania: Air Freight

If you happen to buy too many goodies during your travels, it is possible to send them home air freight. Many airlines will allow you to check additional parcels when you fly, for a fee, which probably makes the most sense if you’re going straight home. But if you’re continuing on, air freight might be the way to go. Note that many listed rates do not include 20% VAT, or a “fuel surcharge”, 13.5% as of December 2008.

  • DHL. Offers quite pricey service (e.g. about $300 for a 10kg package to the US) but is conveniently located in Dar city centre, as well as in a bunch of other cities (see web site). Will deliver direct to the recipient in most countries
  • KLM, (go to the old terminal at DAR airport),. Offers slightly more reasonable rates than DHL (e.g. about $100 for a 10kg package to the US) but requires a trip to the airport and about 1 hour of paperwork & waiting. You must pay cash, in US dollars, plus some fees in shillings. Customs will want to go through the package, so bring something to (re)seal it. You can first go to the KLM freight office (look for the sign), then to the cargo building further down the same road, or call ahead and be met at cargo. If you just arrive at cargo you will be swarmed by freight forwarders – to find the KLM staff, look for the KLM logo (e.g. on a lanyard) or call ahead to Sameer (+255.714.474.617) who is quite helpful. Note that, despite what you might be told, someone will need to go to the destination airport to pick up the package – it will not be delivered to an address by KLM. Storage charges will accrue if it’s left for very long
  • EMS. EMS is a branch of the Tanzanian postal service and is the cheapest way to send packages. It’s available at most larger town post offices. But shipping time can be quite long, and delivery is not always reliable. Also, there are size/weight restrictions. Packages will be transferred to the local postal service at the destination, which usually provides direct delivery. http://wikitravel.org/en/Tanzania – EMS
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