Rungwe Mountains

Rungwe Mountain is the second highest mountain in Mbeya region and it dominates the skyline for several kilometers around. It is composed of 10 or more dormant volcanic craters and domes. This mountain rises above the small town of Tukuyu, at 2,960m above sea level. Rungwe Mountain is the southern Tanzania’s second highest peak and it is surrounded by catchments forest reserve which was established since 1949 and it incorporates mountaineous forest. This mountain has special spiritual significance to the local people, the Wanyakyusa and Wasafwa tribes. They normally use this mountain for traditional medicine and prayers.


The mountain is located in the southwest of Tanzania in Mbeya region.


  • By road

The area can be accessed by road from Dar es Salaam.

  • By train

By using Tazara Railway line from Dare s salaam to Mbeya.


  • Temperature


  • Rainfall

The southeastern slopes of these mountains receive up to 3,000 mm of rainfall a year, which is the highest rainfall in Tanzania.


  •    Ngozi Crater Lake

Ngozi Crater Lake at the center was originated from the volcanic nature of the mountain. It is fascinating to climb to the top of this mountain when passing through the dense bamboo forest and tropical vegetation.

  • Bridge of God site

In the Kiwira valley found a famous local attraction the Bridge of God (Daraja la Mungu) a natural bridge that crosses the river.

  • Lake Masoko

Lake Masoko is located within this area. It is a beautiful small lake in the perfect place to swim, picnic or even camp.

  • Kyejo Mountain

Kyejo mountain is among the main mountains of Rungwe area. It is attractive and challenging when hiking upwards on this 2,152m high active volcano along the lava pathways. From the slopes of Kyejo Mountain you will have great views on the surrounding tea growing villages.

  • Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi)

It is fascinating to relax on the shores of Tanzania’s third largest lake at Matema beach in the neighboring Kyela district in Mbeya.


  • Hiking
  • Walking

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit is June to October when it is dry and warmer.


Inside the area

  • Matema Beach resorts
  • DM Motel
  • Langiboss Guest House
  • Lutengano Moravian Centre
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