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Fort Ikoma Airstrip, Serengeti

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The Fort Ikoma Airstrip (IKO) is one of the rarely used airstrips located in the Serengeti National Park.

This small airstrip located in the south west of the Serengeti is rarely used because it is closer to the busier airstrips that are a few minutes away. Owing to its size, flights use the larger Seronera Airstrip or the Grumeti Airstrip.

What to do at the Fort Ikoma Airstrip

Due to the airstrip being in the Serengeti National Park, a lot of activities take place here that are related to this very popular national park. These activities near fort Ikoma Airstrip include game drives, wildebeest migration safaris, and luxury Serengeti fly-in safaris whereby as you fly over the Serengeti National Park you will watch over the Maswa Game Reserve, Grumeti Reserve and the  Ngorongoro conversation area. You may catch a glimpse of Lake Manyara National Park with its beautiful lake and several small towns

How to get there?

Fort Ikoma Airstrip By Air

By air Average flying distance from Fort Ikoma Airstrip (IKO) to Julius Nyerere International Airport(JRO) in Dar es Salaam is just over to 900 kilometers and will take you around 2 hours and 35 minutes from the airport to airport.

You can also fly in and out of Fort Ikoma Airstrip to Arusha, Nairobi, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Kigali, Mwanza and of course Uganda.

There are regular flights doing the Fort Ikoma to Dar es Salaam route from Coastal Aviation, Flightlink, Air Excel & Regional Air.

Fort Ikoma Airstrip By Road

You can drive to Fort Ikoma Airstrip by vehicle, although you will need a 4 wheel drive (4×4) vehicle capable of driving through the rough terrain of the Serengeti National Park.

Every now and then busses carrying passengers, drive to Ikoma, near the IKOMA AIRSTRIP. It is possible to visit Ikoma any time of the year but with a vehicle strong enough to pass through these roads in case of bad weather.

Best Time To Visit Fort Ikoma Airstrip

You can visit the Fort Ikoma Airstrip, any time of the year.. 

best time to visit fort ikoma airstrip



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Fort Ikoma Airstrip Location & Map

Fort Ikoma airstrip is located on a narrow strip of land between thee parks, – Serengeti to the south, Grumeti to the west, and Ikongoro to the east. 

Fort Ikoma Airstrip map

Getting there, to Fort Ikoma Airstrip

You can get there by flying from many airstrips and airports in Tanzania or by Road.


Fort Ikoma Pictures & Video

What to do: Fort Ikoma Airstrip Safaris

  1. Safari game Drives
  2. Wildebeest Migration
  3. Fly in Safaris

Accommodation at and near Fort Ikoma Airstrip

Below are some of the recommended hotels, lodges and camps near or at Fort Ikoma Airstrip in the Serengeti national park.

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