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Cultural Tourism

We at Tranquil Journeys Tours believe all our clients should leave our country with the best possible experience and a positive image of the country. To make sure our Tranquil Journeys Tours clients get this we like to connect them with our local people from different tribes and allow them to observe some of the local traditions of Tanzania.

Tanzania blessed with more than 120 tribes in an area of around 937,062 square kilometers. We at Tranquil Journeys Tours would like to share with you some of our best-selected tribes and villages to give you the maximum exposure to our people.

Also, many local areas run their cultural programs for visitors, bringing income directly to the community and giving the people the chance to show their lifestyle to the outside world on their terms. Primary schools can be developed through a tour of the fascinating slopes of Mt Meru; a health clinic is improved through a guided tour of the luscious green Usambara Mountains or a kindergarten funded by a stroll through the tropical vegetation of the Rift Valley.

Cultural tourism programs are beneficial to everyone – the tourists get a unique, unforgettable experience, the local people generate income and improve their standard of living, and both parties gain a valuable understanding of another culture which will last long after the visitors have returned home. Most cultural tourism programs are located near the main thoroughfares of the principal tourist destinations, making an artistic addition to a safari easy to arrange. Guides are local people born and raised in the area, well trained in their jobs and proficient in English.

Whether you spend the morning in a Maasai boma or trek by camel up a local summit, stopping to learn about traditional plants and traditional stories, a cultural tour is a must-do for anyone wanting to see the vibrant life of the Tanzanian people.

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