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Kilimanjaro information

Tranquil Journeys Tours and Safaris , offers the best Kilimanjaro climb information which will help you to arrange the best route and successful trip to Kilimanjaro as you know Kilimanjaro is a very popular destination and the mountain can tend to be rather crowded, particularly at certain times of the year. The second consideration then is how busy the mountain will be. Inevitably June to October is busier than at other times in the year. To minimise this problem during these months we generally start our treks away from the weekend and ensure that we get started early every day to get ahead of the crowds.

Thomas Cook safari

Thomas Cook Collapses, what it means if you booked Tanzania safaris with Thomas Cook

What you need to know if you’re on a Tanzania Safari tour with the failed travel agent. The travel giant company,  Thomas Cook collapses after last-minute bailout plans to save the failing firm which has been running for 178-years. The tour company based in the U.K has ceased to trade with immediate effect, this is...
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Will Smith in Tanzania for the Wildebeest Migration

Hollywood actor Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith are in Tanzania for the second time after touring Tanzania about 2 years ago. The actor was spotted in the Serengeti National Park as he posed pictures with park rangers. Mr. Smith then went on to enjoy his African Safari experience at the Serengeti National Park....
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travel insurance

It is necessary to have comprehensive tour insurance, on all trekking and tours. We require your travel insurance details upon booking your vacation, to include on the passenger list. Most travel insurance policies do not include cover for adrenaline sports and adventure activities. These include white-water rafting, sky diving and bungee jumping. So double check your...
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 tanzania travel information

Tanzania Travel information.Tanzania is a wonderfully diverse country which contains more than its fair share of the continent’s natural wonders and yet remains relatively lightly tourist. Travel to Tanzania is without doubt the best location for proper overland although the big names Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro crater, Kilimanjaro national park, Arusha national park ,Lake manyara national park  and Zanzibar beach , do attract decent...
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How to treat altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro

How to treat altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro Descent is the most effective cure for AMS. The chances are that on your trek you will see at least one poor sod being wheeled down Kili, surrounded by porters and strapped to the strange unicycle-cum-stretcher device that KINAPA uses for evacuating the sick and suffering from the mountain....
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how to avoid altitude sickness

How to avoid altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro Acclimatizing for Kilimanjaro Altitude sickness is avoidable. The only surefire way to to do is to take your time climbing Kilimanjaro. Opting to save money by climbing the mountain as quickly as possible is a false economy: the chances are you will have to turn back because of altitude...
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the symptoms of altitude sickness

The symptoms of altitude sickness Mild altitude sickness (mild AMS) The symptoms of mild AMS are not dissimilar to the symptoms of a particularly vicious hangover, namely a thumping headache, nausea and a general feeling of lousiness. An AMS headache is generally agreed to be one of the most dreadful headaches you can get, a blinding pain...
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Tipping Kilimanjaro crew

Tipping Kilimanjaro crew Should you tip your crew on Kilimanjaro? Like a herd of elephants on the African plains, the subject of tipping on Kilimanjaro is a bit of a grey area. What is certain is that, in addition to the cost of booking your trek, you will also need to shell out tips to your...
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What to carry in daypack

What to carry in daypack   Normally you will not see your backpack from the moment you hand it to the porter in the morning to at least lunchtime, and maybe not until the end of the day. It’s therefore necessary to pack everything that you may need during the day in your bag that...
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Food on mount Kilimanjaro

Food on mount Kilimanjaro What do you eat on the mountain? Remember to tell your agency if you have any special dietary requirements – because both meat and nuts form a substantial part of the food on Kilimanjaro. One of the marvels of a trek on Kilimanjaro is the skill with which the cooks are...
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