Honey Badger vs Black mamba

Honey Badger vs Black Mamba

A confrontation between a honey badger and a black mamba, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, would

Do vultures have predators?

Vultures do not have natural predators as such but as creatures, they possess a captivating nature that is often misunderstood.

Cheap Hotels in Tanzania

Cheap Hotels in Tanzania

There are many cheap hotels in Tanzania for staying purpose . Most top-notch Tanzania hotels are known for their quality, design and

Mauritius Travel Advice

There’s nothing like up-to-date, relevant travel information direct from the experts – get Africa joy tours essential Mauritius travel advice

Best Zimbabwe Accommodation

From the raw power of Victoria Falls to barely-visited game reserves, Zimbabwe’s natural beauty is part of what makes it

Zambia Travel Advice

There’s nothing like up-to-date, relevant travel information direct from the experts – get Tranquil Journeys Tours  essential Zambia travel advice

Victoria Falls Travel Advice

Get everything you need to know about Victoria Falls in our easy, downloadable travelers’ guide, filled with helpful information, suggestions

Best Zambia Safari Camps

Zambia’s tented camps and safari lodges give you the chance to marvel at thundering Victoria Falls or explore its famously

Best Time to Visit Zambia

Zambia has a sub-tropical climate and its weather is defined by a marked wet and dry season rather than summer

Where to Go in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island, also known as Unguja, is by far the largest and most famous of the islands that make up

Where to Go in Tanzania

Where to Go in Tanzania Comprising the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Parks, Tanzania’s famous northern safari region is where to

Tanzania Travel Advice

There’s nothing like up-to-date, relevant travel information direct from the experts – get Tranquil Journeys Tours’s essential Tanzania travel advice

Lake Tanganyika Safari

Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest and, by volume, the second largest lake in the world (after Siberia’s Lake Baikal

Lake Manyara Accommodation

Accommodation in Lake Manyara National Park is limited to a handful of safari lodges with only a single accommodation set

Kilimanjaro Accommodation

Accommodation located around Mount Kilimanjaro ranges from luxury wilderness lodges to comfortable tented camps – enough to suit all tastes,

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

A huge country with much regional variation in geography and climate plus two distinct rainy seasons, the question of when

Reasons to Visit Tanzania

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with

 tanzania travel information

Tanzania Travel information.Tanzania is a wonderfully diverse country which contains more than its fair share of the continent’s natural wonders

cycling through Kilimanjaro villages

Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages If you fancy some exercise after your safari through Northern Tanzania, explore the Tanzanian countryside and

how to avoid altitude sickness

How to avoid altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro Acclimatizing for Kilimanjaro Altitude sickness is avoidable. The only surefire way to to

the symptoms of altitude sickness

The symptoms of altitude sickness Mild altitude sickness (mild AMS) The symptoms of mild AMS are not dissimilar to the symptoms of

Tipping Kilimanjaro crew

Tipping Kilimanjaro crew Should you tip your crew on Kilimanjaro? Like a herd of elephants on the African plains, the

What to carry in daypack

What to carry in daypack Normally you will not see your backpack from the moment you hand it to the

Food on mount Kilimanjaro

Food on mount Kilimanjaro What do you eat on the mountain? Remember to tell your agency if you have any

Mount Kilimanjaro Weather

Mount Kilimanjaro Weather Tanzania’s proximity to the equator (between 1 and 11.45 degrees latitude south of the Equator and 29.20

Kilimanjaro climb success rates

Kilimanjaro climb success rates  2014-2015 8 Reasons why climb Kilimanjaro with Tranquil Journeys Tours Our Kilimanjaro climb success rates is success

Kilimanjaro climb Altitude

Kilimanjaro climb Altitude Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) Kilimanjaro climb Altitude Acute Mountain Sickness is also referred to as  Altitude Sickness

Kilimanjaro packing list

Kilimanjaro packing list Items on this list have been chosen to maximize your comfort and safety while hiking on the

Kilimanjaro Climbing condition

Kilimanjaro Climbing condition The main weather concerns while climbing Kilimanjaro relate to cold temperature and precipitation. The best times to climb Kilimanjaro are during

Kilimanjaro climbing preparation

Kilimanjaro climbing preparation we need to make Kilimanjaro climbing preparation because  mountain Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa free standing mountain

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