Intimate Camp Zebra

Intimate Camp Zebra has built strong partnerships with the park authorities since it has been operating in the Serengeti for nearly two decades, . This close relationship ensures that we are consistently allocated the finest seasonal campsites available, both in the renowned Kogatende area and the picturesque Ndutu region. Our strategic locations enable you to witness the awe-inspiring Wildebeest migration up close, as well as other remarkable wildlife encounters throughout the year.

Welcome to Intimate Camp Zebra, a hidden gem nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Serengeti National Park. Named after the majestic Zebra that faithfully follows the Wildebeest during their annual migration, our camp offers a truly immersive and intimate safari adventure. With our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and an unparalleled wildlife experience, we aim to surpass your expectations and create memories that will last a lifetime.


At Intimate Camp Zebra, we understand the importance of providing a serene retreat after an exhilarating day of game viewing. Our camp comprises ten exquisite accommodation tents, including two spacious two-bedroomed family units. Each tent features a cozy bedroom area, a dressing area, and an ensuite shower and toilet. We’ve taken care to ensure that your stay is not only comfortable but also convenient, with each tent equipped with electricity for lighting and charging your electronic devices using our solar-powered system.


Indulge your taste buds in our inviting dining tent, where you’ll savor mouthwatering culinary creations prepared by our talented chefs. We believe that dining is an integral part of the safari experience, and our team takes pride in curating a diverse menu that caters to your preferences. Whether you desire a hearty breakfast before embarking on a game drive, a delectable lunch in the heart of the wilderness, or a sumptuous dinner under the starlit African sky, we have you covered.


From July to November, Intimate Camp Zebra is strategically situated in the Northern Serengeti National Park, in close proximity to the Mara River. This prime location offers a front-row seat to the awe-inspiring Wildebeest crossings, an extraordinary spectacle that ranks among the world’s most captivating wildlife experiences. Between December and March, our camp relocates to the Ndutu area in the Southern Serengeti Ecosystem, where you can witness the miraculous birthing season of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest.


At Intimate Camp Zebra, we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Our camp features a range of amenities designed to enhance your safari experience, including:

1. Lounge & Bar: Unwind in our cozy lounge tent, furnished with comfortable seating arrangements and equipped with a bar. Share stories of your adventures with fellow travelers or simply revel in the tranquility of the African wilderness.

2. Communal Campfire: As the sun sets over the savannah, gather around our campfire and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance. This is the perfect opportunity to exchange tales of the day’s sightings, listen to the mesmerizing sounds of the bush, and forge new friendships.

3. Guest Library: Dive into the fascinating world of African wildlife and culture through our carefully curated collection of coffee table books. Immerse yourself in captivating tales of explorers and photographers who have roamed the vast plains of the Serengeti.

4. Solar Electricity: Embracing eco-friendly practices, our camp harnesses the power of the sun through our solar system, providing electricity for lighting and charging your devices while minimizing our environmental impact.

5. Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with your loved ones and share your incredible safari moments with the world. Our camp offers complimentary Wi-Fi access, allowing you to effortlessly share your experiences online.

6. Maasai Guide: Explore the Serengeti with an experienced Maasai guide, whose profound knowledge of the land and its inhabitants will enrich your safari adventure. Gain deeper insights into the local culture, traditions, and the delicate balance of the ecosystem.


Immerse yourself in a multitude of activities meticulously designed to showcase the natural wonders of the Serengeti. Depending on the location of the camp during your visit, you can enjoy:

1. Game Drives: Embark on thrilling game drives and witness the vast array of wildlife that calls the Serengeti home. From majestic lions to graceful giraffes, from stealthy leopards to playful elephants, the possibilities for awe-inspiring encounters are endless.

2. Balloon Safaris: Take to the skies on an early morning balloon safari and witness the Serengeti’s breathtaking beauty from a bird’s-eye perspective. Marvel at the expansive plains, meandering rivers, and the balletic movements of the wildlife below, creating an unforgettable memory.

3. Bush Breakfasts and Sundowners: Experience the magic of a surprise bush breakfast, where you stumble upon a lavish spread in the heart of the wilderness. Savor delectable treats while surrounded by nature’s symphony. Similarly, delight in sundowners, as you raise a glass against the backdrop of a stunning African sunset.

Embark on Your Serengeti Safari Adventure with Intimate Camp Zebra

At Intimate Camp Zebra, we pride ourselves on offering an unrivaled safari experience that encompasses the extraordinary Wildebeest migration and so much more. Our attention to detail, personalized service, and commitment to sustainability set us apart. Join us on a journey of discovery, where every moment holds the promise of adventure, wonder, and unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Intimate Camp Zebra?
    Intimate Camp Zebra is a renowned safari camp located in the Serengeti National Park. It offers a unique and intimate wildlife experience, allowing guests to witness the incredible Wildebeest migration and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Serengeti.
  2. When is the camp open?
    Intimate Camp Zebra operates from July to November in the Northern Serengeti, near the Mara River. From December to March, the camp is located in the Ndutu area of the Southern Serengeti Ecosystem. It is closed from April to June each year.
  3. What types of accommodation are available?
    The camp features 10 accommodation tents, including two 2-bedroomed family units. Each tent is equipped with a comfortable bedroom area, a dressing area, and an ensuite shower and toilet. The tents also have electricity for lighting and charging electronic devices through a solar-powered system.
  4. What dining options are available at the camp?
    Intimate Camp Zebra offers a delightful dining experience. Guests can enjoy their meals in the dining tent, where our skilled chefs prepare a diverse menu. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a delectable lunch in the wilderness, or a memorable dinner under the starry sky, we strive to cater to every culinary preference.
  5. What activities can guests participate in?
    The camp provides various activities that allow guests to explore the wonders of the Serengeti. Game drives offer thrilling encounters with a wide range of wildlife, while early morning balloon safaris provide a unique perspective from the sky. Additionally, guests can indulge in bush breakfasts, lunches, and evening sundowners, all arranged with surprise and precision.
  6. Where is the camp located during different times of the year?
    From July to the middle of November, the camp is situated in the Northern Serengeti near the Mara River. This location provides a prime opportunity to witness the breathtaking Wildebeest crossings. From the middle of December to the end of March, the camp relocates to the Ndutu area in the Southern Serengeti, where guests can observe the remarkable birthing season of wildebeest.
  7. What amenities does the camp offer?
    Intimate Camp Zebra ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests. The camp features a lounge and bar tent, where guests can relax and socialize. A communal campfire provides the perfect setting for sharing stories and creating lasting memories. The guest library offers a collection of books on African wildlife, and the camp provides solar electricity and free Wi-Fi access. Guests can also benefit from the expertise of Maasai guides during their safari experience.
  8. Is Wi-Fi available at the camp?
    Yes, Intimate Camp Zebra offers complimentary Wi-Fi access for guests, allowing them to stay connected with loved ones and share their incredible safari moments with the world.
  9. How can I book a stay at Intimate Camp Zebra?
    To book your unforgettable safari experience at Intimate Camp Zebra, please visit our website or contact our reservations team. They will be delighted to assist you in planning your dream safari adventure.
  10. Is Intimate Camp Zebra committed to sustainable practices?
    Yes, at Intimate Camp Zebra, we prioritize sustainability and strive to minimize our environmental impact. We utilize solar electricity to power our camp, ensuring eco-friendly operations. We also work closely with the park authorities to support conservation efforts and protect the Serengeti’s delicate ecosystem.

Experience the wonder of the Serengeti and embark on an extraordinary safari adventure with Intimate Camp Zebra. Our dedicated team, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional wildlife encounters await you in one of Africa’s most iconic destinations.

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