What you need to know if you’re on a Tanzania Safari tour with the failed travel agent.

The travel giant company,  Thomas Cook collapses after last-minute bailout plans to save the failing firm which has been running for 178-years. The tour company based in the U.K has ceased to trade with immediate effect, this is according to the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. Thomas Cook has gone ahead to publish travel advice for tourists on holiday with the affected company at the following website thomascook.caa.co.uk.

Apart from Tanzania Safari holiday goers that have booked with Thomas Cook, many tourists around the world have also been affected by this situation either while on holiday or with long term plans of coming to Tanzania for Tanzania Safari tours with Thomas Cook. Fortunately, we can advise you what to do next and to claim a refund on your tour to Kilimanjaro if Thomas Cook goes into administration.

Atol protection for Kilimanjaro climbers

The Atol travel plan protects people who buy Tanzania tour package holidays that are all-inclusive plus a flight, through UK tour operators and agents like in the case of Thomas Cook. If you have booked a Tanzania safari or just a flight to Tanzania through the Thomas cook, Atol protection ensures you do not lose your money or be left stranded in Tanzania as Atol protection means they will be flown back home free of charge.

Clients who have already booked and actually paid for an upcoming Tanzania safari with Thomas Cook should a right to a refund as part of the Atol scheme.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t book your tour as part of a package you might not be Atol protected, but you may still be able to claim a refund of some sort through your travel insurance or credit card issuer – as per your booking terms and agreements.’ For more information about the Atol scheme and protection, read here.

What to do if you’re already in Tanzania for your safari

Now that, unfortunately, Thomas Cook has gone into administration, this is what you should do:

  1. Continue your Tanzania safari as normal.
  2. Arrive for your return flight as normal unless something changes and you receive an official update. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will try their best to get you on a return flight as close to your original departure time as possible.
  3. Your costs for returning home will be covered. Keep receipts of any additional costs you may be asked to pay as a result. Send a claim to The Civil Aviation Authority on your return home so that a refund can be arranged for all reasonable expenses.

Here’s more information on how to make an Atol claim if you’re currently abroad. 

Do I have to pay for my hotel/camp/lodge during and after a safari?

Since most Tanzania safari itineraries include your hotel accommodation in Tanzania (Arusha) before and after your climb it will not be necessary to pay but if you’re experiencing any difficulties with your Atol-protected hotel, or if your hotel is requesting payment from you, you can call the CAA call centre on the following line: +44 1753 330 330. NB: It may take the Civil Aviation Authority a few days to secure new payment arrangements for your accommodation. Do not proceed to pay your accommodation unless given the green-light by the CAA team. If your trip is not covered by the Atol scheme, you are not entitled to make a claim for your extra expenses and additional nights of hotel accommodation under the Atol protection, but you may be able to claim for a refund or payment from your travel insurer as per the booking terms and conditions, bank or your credit card issuer. Here’s more information on how to make an Atol claim if you’re currently abroad. 

What to do if you’re planning to travel soon for a safari in Tanzania

If you’re due to travel with Thomas Cook in the near future, here is what you should do:

From 23 September 2019, all flights and Tanzania safari tours will be cancelled.

All Thomas Cook arline flights will not operate anymore, so if you have booked on a Thomas Cook Airlines flight, please do not go to your UK airport. Please double-check with your accommodation/flight provider to check if your booking is on record. Keep all your booking information and make a record of all emails and replies. If will not continue with your safari in Tanzania, make a claim under the Atol plan to get a refund.

Here’s more information on how to make an Atol claim if you’re currently abroad. 

Why has Thomas Cook collapsed?

The troubled tour company, Thomas Cook tried to secure a £750m cash injection to see it safe for low season of winter 2019-20 when the number of bookings goes down. Thomas Cook’s chief executive, Peter Fankhauser, said the company’s collapse was a ‘matter of profound regret’. Commenting as the company entered compulsory liquidation, Mr Fankhauser also had words of apology to Thomas Cook’s ‘millions of customers and thousands of employed staff’. If the company does go bust it would be the biggest-ever repatriation, with an estimated 150,000 tourists of British origin currently abroad on a variety Thomas Cook holidays that include Tanzania safari holidays. The government has 45  jets ready to bring clients back home and with 64 routes being flown today. The size of the fleet will make it UK’s fifth-largest airline. The collapse has put over 20,000 jobs at risk, including 9,000 in the United Kingdom alone.

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Hollywood actor Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith are in Tanzania for the second time after touring Tanzania about 2 years ago. The actor was spotted in the Serengeti National Park as he posed pictures with park rangers. Mr. Smith then went on to enjoy his African Safari experience at the Serengeti National Park.

will smith in Serengeti, TanzaniaSerengeti is the most popular national park amongst 16 National Parks that Tanzania has, not counting the new national parks created just recently including the Burigi-Chato National Park. Tanzania is the best safari country in Africa as voted by travellers and writers around the world according to a survey conducted by a popular safari portal called safaribookings.com. This beautiful country offers a splendid vacation for anyone seeking to create lifetime memories and those kodak moments.

Will Smith’s show “Welcome to Earth” features an episode Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park

“Welcome to Earth,” Will Smith’s crazy new nature series, follows the actor as he travels the outer reaches of the globe with his characteristic zeal.
In the most recent episode, for example, the Hollywood legend uses never-before-seen equipment to follow wildebeest herd movements in the Serengeti at night.

The series (now available on Disney+) follows the 53-year-old as he ventures into isolated parts of the natural world with his signature jokes, excitement, and adventurous spirit to uncover and explore hidden locations that the normal person can’t access.

Smith travels to the Serengeti in Tanzania’s neighboring country to observe lions and wildebeest herd movements in the dead of night in the episode “Mind of the Swarm.”
Executive producer Jane Root informed media that the show employed military-grade drones that had never been deployed in “civilian conditions” previously to acquire clear photos of them.

“I borrowed that from the army in order to photograph those things in complete darkness.” As a result, a great deal of innovation is required.

“Sometimes you’re taking technology from another location and applying it to this reality, and that’s what gets you the outcomes you want,” Root explained.

The Serengeti is Tanzania’s most popular national park, one of 16 in the country.

Read more about the Serengeti National Park


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A few days ago, Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a picture on Instagram showing the two at an airport probably headed for Tanzania.

It is evident Mr Smith the “Fresh Prince of Bel-air” star was accompanied by his wife Jada Pinkett Smith on a safari holiday to Tanzania as she shared a post on her Instagram page while on safari.Will Smith in Tanzania

The Smith family seems to have a special liking for Tanzania as two years ago, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith toured the country together.

During their previous trip, the Hollywood couple was seen at a luxury tropical island off the shores of Zanzibar islands in Tanzania bordering the Indian Ocean.

During their visit, Will also interacted with excited fans after his arrival at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).


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More Celebrities visiting Tanzania for Safari Holidays

Will Smith is just one of the many few Hollywood celebrities that have visited Tanzania. below is a list of celebrities that have visited Tanzania.

  1. Yao Ming, Chinese, former NBA player
  2. Oprah
  3. Justin Timberlake
  4. Jessica Biel
  5. GeorgeClooney
  6. TomCruise
  7. Bill Gates
  8. Naomi Campbell
  9. Kristen bell
  10. Amal Clooney
  11. George Bush
  12. Barrack Obama
  13. Bill Clinton
  14. David Beckham
  15. Wayne Rooney
  16. Mamadou Sakho
  17. The Everton football team

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Mountain Kilimanjaro & Mt Meru  food

Mountain Kilimanjaro food on trekking or climb Kilimanjaro, we offers the fresh food on mountain Kilimanjaro once you book with us we will ask if you have any special  food we should provide this food could be used also on Tanzania safaris after climb mountain Kilimanjaro national park 

You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day spent on the mountain. The food, specifically selected to help your climb, are high energy carbohydrate foods that are easily digestible. The primary carbohydrate of the meals is rice, potatoes and pasta. Fresh fruit and vegetables accompany every meal. Meat is served on the mountain but not in large quantities because it is not easily digestible at high altitude and nor does it keep well on the mountain. For longer climbs, we resupply the team with fresh food near the end of the climb.

Water is collected from mountain streams. It is filtered with the Platypus Gravity Works system or boiled for purification. There is no need for further treatment of water. Water is provided only at the campsites so you need to carry enough water, usually about 3 liters, to stay hydrated while you hike.

Mountain Kilimanjaro food

Mountain Kilimanjaro food Mountain Kilimanjaro food

Below are sample menus for your three meals:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Vegetable Soup Vegetable Soup
Toast, Biscuits with Margarine, Jam, Peanut Butter, Honey Bread, Biscuits or Pancakes with Jam, Peanut Butter, Honey Bread, Biscuits or Pancakes with Jam, Peanut Butter, Honey
Eggs, Sausages or Bacon Sandwich with Meat or Cheese, Boiled Egg, Fried Chicken Roasted Chicken, Beef or Fish
Porridge or Pancakes Snack: Peanuts, Popcorn, Cake, Cookies Potatoes, Rice, Pasta
Fresh Fruit: Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Avocado or Watermelon Fresh Salad: Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrots, Green Peppers Fresh Vegetables: Carrots, Peas, Tomato, Beans, Greens

You may want to bring some supplementary “comfort” foods, such as candy, gum, chocolate, health bars or powdered energy drinks.

We can accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets. For those with special diets, please contact us to discuss what we can or cannot do. Note that food selection is limited in Tanzania, so although we will try to please all clients, in some cases clients will be asked to bring their specific food items to us, which our cooks will prepare.

Top left: vegetable stew and rice, Top right: chicken, rice, and green beans
Bottom left: beef, potato and cabbage salad, Bottom right: pancakes and leek soup

Mountain Kilimanjaro food

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Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages

If you fancy some exercise after your safari through Northern Tanzania, explore the Tanzanian countryside and meet the locals, this camping Tanzania-style tour may be an interesting addition to your itinerary. Accompanied by an English speaking guide, you’ll travel from the town of Arusha or Moshi towards Mount Kilimanjaro, and then cycle uphill along the flanks of Africa’s highest mountain, straight through one of the most fertile areas in Tanzania. You’ll cycle past endless fields and through villages where you’ll be greeted cheerfully by smiling children. At the end of the day, you’.ll go back to basics while camping in Tanzania and you’ll spend the night in a tent at the foot of the Kilimanjaro and in a local village. Cycling through the Kili villages is an exceptional trip that will take you far away from the familiar tourist spots.

Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages

Duration 4 days, 3 nights
Departs daily Accommodation Simple hotel in Arusha or Moshi and you’.ll also camp in the garden of a local, Comfort-level 2/3
Price $260 per person – based on 2 people sharing Includes 1 night hotel accommodation in Arusha or Moshi including breakfast, 2 nights basic accommodation in a tent, all meals, English speaking guide, mountain bike with helmet and tourist tax
Transport Private transport Excludes International flight and if you stay in Arusha instead of Moshi, transfer to and from to Moshi (bus fare is approximately $20), tips, sleeping bag (bring from home)

Day 1 – Moshi – Cycling through small villages
Travel distance 4 to 5 hour bike ride (approx. 31km)
This morning you’.ll meet your guide at our office in Arusha/Moshi and he’.ll help you choose your mountain bike for the next few days. During your cycling trip, you’.ll carry your own (day) backpack filled with the items that you’.ll need for that particular day. The rest of your belongings will be transported by your cook. Then, it’.s time to start your climb towards Mount Kilimanjaro and you’.ll cyclic uphill accompanied by your english-speaking guide. The first part of the ride is relatively flat, giving you a chance to get used to your bike. With a little luck you’.ll see the snowy peak of the Kilimanjaro beckoning ahead of you -your prize at the end of a rigorous bike ride. You’.ll pedal past rivers and farms filled with corn, grain, bananas, tomatoes and coffee bean crops, give you a glimpse of the Chagga tribe way of life.

During your ride you’.ll also pass through the Kindi Valley along its uphill and downhill paths. Along the way, you’.ll arrive in a village where you can sample the locally brewed beer or stroll through the local market (Tuesdays and Fridays). The final leg of today’.s bike ride is a tough climb to the foot of Kilimanjaro. Your efforts will be rewarded as you look out across the incredible panoramic views and sit down to a lovely dinner. Your Tanzania camping arrangements for tonight are modest, and you’.ll sleep in a tent at Kilimanjaro’.s entrance gate.

Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages,,

Day 2 – Panoramic views and waterfalls: Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages
Travel distance 3 to 4 hour bike ride (approximately 20km)
After breakfast you’.ll climb back on your bike. Luckily today climb will be less strenuous than it was on the first day of this module. You’.ll ride straight through the countryside past plantations and farmland. Eventually you’.ll stop off at a 50m tall waterfall. This waterfall is an important water resource for the local population. It’.s a source of drinking water and they also use its water to irrigate their crops. Once you reach the town of Mshara take a deep breath of pure mountain air and enjoy the view out across the towering mountain peaks of the Kilimanjaro and Kibo. You’.ll even be able to catch a glimpse of the Mawenzi mountain peaks.

During today’.s ride you’.ll have an opportunity to visit a local school. This primary school was founded by the area’.s first missionary, John Rehbman. The last kilometres of today’.s ride will be on paved asphalt, after which you’.ll spend the night in Uswaa Village. After a day filled with lasting impressions of Kilimanjaro villages, you’.ll doze off in your own tent.

Day 3 – Return to Moshi: Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages
Travel distance 3 to 4 hour bike ride (approximately 12km)
This final day of your bike trip is also the easiest day of cycling. After 2 days of climbing hills, today you’.ll mostly ride downhill as you cross the Kilimanjaro’.s rivers and streams. En route you’.ll visit German ruins and you’.ll get your last taste of the area’.s flora and fauna. You’.ll continue riding towards Kwasadala, where you’.ll arrive sometime in the afternoon. A car and driver will be waiting to take you back to Moshi, where you’.ll say goodbye to your guide. Naturally it’.s at your discretion, however most travellers choose to tip their guide at the end of the module. An amount of US$20 per day, per group is customary.

You’ll be dropped off at your hotel in Arusha / Moshi. Your room with ensuite bathroom is modest, yet tidy and has every necessary amenity. When the weather is clear you can look out at the white snowy peaks of the Kilimanjaro shooting up into the heavens from the comfort of the hotel garden. The hotel is only a short walk away from the heart of Moshi where you can go for a bite to eat or perhaps do some souvenir shopping.

Day 4 – Departure from Moshi
After breakfast you’re camping Tanzania module ends and you’ll continue on your trip.

If you would like to continue with some outdoor activities after this module, you can choose from our module you can climb the Kilimanjaro or perhaps Safari / Zanzibar
If you choose to travel to Zanzibar, we’ll arrange your transfer to the airport for you (approximately 1 hour).

end of Cycling through Kilimanjaro villages


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