Serengeti Bushtops Camp

Bushtops locations are ideal honeymoons, and guaranteed to add that touch of magic dust to newfound married couples. Honeymooners are assigned to a specially-appointed honeymooner tent, where they are pampered and treated like royalty. Every night lions can be heard roaring from the clusters of granite boulders dotted around the hills and valleys. One of the highlights is the great annual migration, when millions of wildebeest cross the mighty Mara River. At Serengeti Bushtops a ringside seat is made available, so guests can be sure of witness the natural event.

Tranquil Journey Says

  • The camp is known to witness the site of the Great Migration
  • Serengeti Bushtops is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • The camp is the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds
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