Sayari Camp Serengeti

Set up seasonal at three different locations in the Serengeti, the Sayari Camp Serengeti always following the migration and is close to it. It is located in Piaya, in the Southern plains from January to April, moves to the Mara River area (north-western Serengeti) for June to September and is based in Soit Sambu in the North-Eastern part of the Serengeti from October to mid January.

Sayari Camp Serengeti is always set up just outside the park borders of the Serengeti, therefore offers also walking Safaris, night game drives, and closeness to local communities. Furthermore the camp offers fly camping, and bird watching.

The 8 luxury tents offer comfortable beds and ensuite bathroom facilities, each with a private verandah overlooking the plains of the Serengeti. There is a lounge/mess tent, and a cosy fire place where you can exchange experiences of the day time, and watch the stars.

The camp is closed during the rain season, April and May.

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