Ol Mesera tented camp

Ol Mesera is a small cozy camp with only big tents on magnificent spots, where we offer you personal service and attention. The exquisite birds and mammals and the exceptional beauty of the surrounding bush, are an escape from civilization’s noise.
At the unique location of Ol Mesera you will have the feeling that there is not another human being for miles around. Which isn’t entirely true as from time to time Maasai herds pass by with their cows, goats and sheep.

The other ‘neighbours’ are an enormous variety of birds, we can say in all sincerity that we live in a Bird’s Paradise.

Larger game come to visit our place too, like impalas, giraffes, zebras, kudus, hyenas, dikdiks and occasionally a herd of elephants.

There are also the smaller animals like vervet monkeys, squirrels and mongoose and yes, we’ve even met leopards, though they can hardly be spotted by daylight.

There are six big tents under Acacia trees and giant Euphorbia cacti. They are built on the edge of an escarpment and all overlook the Selela Valley, towards the evergreen Ngorongoro Highlands.

The tents are well separated for privacy and have large verandas where you can sit in the shade and enjoy the view, until a magnificent sundown wishes you ‘good night’ or ‘usiku mwema’ in Swahili.

Ol Mesera is a true oasis in the middle of the savannah. We try to maintain a homy atmosphere to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The dining is the central place to watch the birds, monkeys, read a book while enjoying a complimentary cup of tea

We listed our facilities and service below. Feel free to ask if you require any special assistance, we are happy to make your stay as comfortable as possible

we serve three meals per day. Breakfast is available any time in the morning to get you ready for your gamedrive or bushwalk
our chef Lucas is trained by Watoto Foundation and Kiboko Lodge. He serves a delicious mix of African and Western cuisine.
vegetarians will find there is plenty of fresh vegetables available from our own garden. If you have any other dietary requests please inform us during booking
dining under the stars; there is nothing like a real out of Africa dinner under the stars in the savannah

drinking water
we obtain our water directly from the mountains across the valley. For your safety we filter the water with a ceramic water filter from SWCEA
we try to minimize the use of plastic bottles however we have bottled water available for your convenience

for electricity we rely on the sun. Our solar system provides enough electricity for lights, refrigiration and to charge phones and laptops. We kindly ask you to switch of your lights when you are not in your room. Our solar system is installed by L solutions

we can imagine you like to be disconnected during your holidays, however for those in need we have (limited) internet availability through an Airtel stick

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