Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge

Located on a gentle slope overlooking the lake, Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge offers stunning views over the seasonal soda lake and up to the Ngorongoro Conservatio Area. All the 14 spacious rooms are scattered within the vast property and are tastefully furnished with great attention to detail, the décor blends elements from the surrounding landscape with modern comfort, and have private verandah overlooking the lake.

The region of Lake Eyasi, South-west of Ngorongoro, is home to the Hadza bushmen, the last survivors of a civilisation that knows nothing of agriculture, livestock, pottery, and metals. They live by hunting with bows and arrows, and gathering wild berries and fruits. They are the last heirs of the homines sapientes who took their first steps right here, along the Rift Valley, about two hundred thousand years ago.

The Hadza people of Lake Eyasi are the heirs of the very first human beings, the kids of Olduvai Gorge and Koobi Fora who still have a symbiotic relationship with the environment, the purest example of anarchic society with no rules, no chief, no dont’s.


The main reason to visit the area is to learn about the culturally diverse local tribes including the Hadzabe (bushmen), Datoga and Barabaig people. Most guests organize these visits through their Tanzanian tour operator but we can assist you if you wish. Some of our lodge staff will be happy to walk with you down to the lake-shore and the swimming pool is always a welcome oasis.

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