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Kimondo Camp

Kimondo is a mobile camp which moves with the migration, splitting the year between the north and south of the Serengeti, just like the millions of wildebeest which move with it. But this is certainly not camping as you know it.     From July to October home for Kimondo is near the sinuous Mara River on the famous Lamai Wedge, where massive herds brave the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. As winter eases and summer warms the land, the herds move south to calve in the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti. As the herds move, so does Kimondo, to ensure you’re never far from the heart of the migration.

Kimondo in the North (July – October)

A golden triangle of grassland between the Mara River and Kenyan border, the Lamai Wedge is regularly hailed as one of the highlights of the entire Serengeti ecosystem. A gathering point for the herds that have made it safely across the Mara River, during winter it’s a region rich in wildebeest and antelope. And, of course, the predators that pursue them. It’s here that Kimondo puts down roots from July to October, offering unparalleled Big Five sightings just minutes from camp. The Mara River, famed for dramatic scenes as the herds attempt the treacherous crossing, is just a short drive away allowing you to experience both the drama of the migration and the stillness of the Serengeti.

Kimondo in the South (December – March)

As the days warm up, the herds lift their noses and head south, with Kimondo not far behind. In November the camp is closed as the tents are folded and the site returned to its previous, pristine condition. Come December, Kimondo is pitched anew in the shade of a stately Acacia Tortillis, deep in the southern Serengeti. It’s here on these grassy plains that the millions of wildebeest who have wandered hundreds of kilometres have a chance to calve, graze and rest… forever keeping a watchful eye out for hungry lion and cheetah, of course. Set in a natural amphitheatre with outstanding views of a permanent water hole, Kimondo’s summer home is an idyllic one. Superb game viewing can be had on the daily game excursions, or simply enjoyed from the private terrace of your safari suite. The migration, it would seem, has come to you.

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Tranquil Journey Says

There’s a good reason for choosing a mobile camp over a permanent lodge: the migration is a transitory beast, forever on the move. And as the herds of wildebeest travel on their never-ending circuit of the Serengeti, so Kimondo gives guests a front row seat to the action.

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