Intimate Places Camping

Visitors to Tanzania wishing to cohabitate with the extraordinary wildlife, birdlife and nature to be found within its borders in the absolute privacy of their own surroundings need look no further than ‘Intimate Places Camping.’ With spacious and comfortable accommodation set in private campsites booked exclusively for you, we are pleased to be able to provide the ultimate Safari experience.

Your own private camp can be set up almost anywhere you desire on the Tanzania Northern Safari circuit.

Intimate Places Camps are staffed by private chefs, private butlers and private tent attendants all of whom are on call to cater to your every need. Because our camps are for your own private use only, we are able to tailor the services we provide to your specific requirements. Hence, the menus served during the course of your stay, the drinks available from our well stocked bar, the types of beds made avail- able in your tents and even the distances between one tent and another are all discussed and agreed with you prior to your visit so that your enjoyment of your camp in assured.

Each sleeping tent consists of a verandah, bedroom area, dressing area and a separate shower and toilet. The dressing area, shower and toilet are all “open air” so as to heighten the experience of living as one with your surroundings. Despite being able to enjoy some breathtaking views as you prepare yourself for the day ahead, privacy is still assured due to the clever design of our tents. The majority of our tents incorporate unique “stargazer” windows in their roofs which allow you to gaze at the star filled African night sky from the comfort of your bed. As an added convenience, each tent is provided with enough power for lighting as well as for charging mobile telephones, cameras and laptop computers.

Activities will vary according to the location you chose for your camp to be set up for you. However, these can range from game drives to view the great wildebeest migration as well as other wildlife and birdlife; game walks, nature walks and walks with ancient Afri- can tribes such as the Maasai and the Hadzabe people; off-road game driving as well as night game drives; hiking on the slopes of Mounts Kilimanjaro, Meru or Ol Doinyo Lengai and early morning game viewing from the skies in a hot air balloon.

Private, luxury mobile camping in its purest form is widely recognized as providing the most authentic of safari experiences. Unlike staying in hotels and lodges, it enables you to blend in with and become part of the environment they wish to experience. And once you depart there is little, if any evidence of your visit aside from your cherished memories and the pictures which you take away with you to enjoy for many years to come.

Day Tent

Intimate Places has a number of different day tents of different dimensions which are used according to the size of group to be accommodated. The smallest of these is for 2 persons only whereas the largest will accommodate up to 30 people with ease. Our day tents are designed to provide comfortable dining and recreation for those moments when you are not out and about exploring the area and viewing the wildlife and birdlife.

Evenings are spent around the all important camp fire exchanging stories about the day’s events and making plans for the days ahead.

Each camp has a well stocked bar which serves a selection of wines, spirits and minerals, the cost of which is included in your accommodation rates.

Our friendly camp staff will also be delighted to assist you with your laundry requirements, also without extra charge.

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