Grumeti Migration Camp

Situated in the Grumeti Game Reserve adjacent to the Serengeti National Park, Grumeti Migration Camp is a small, privately owned wilderness camp offering intimacy, comfort and exclusivity in the heart of one of Africa’s most vital and important wilderness areas. Grumeti Migration Camp consists of ten individual tented suites along with a separate dining, lounge and bar area. The key philosophy of Grumeti Migration Camp is sustainable travel in Africa and the active conservation of the natural habitat.

The Grumeti Game Reserve allows very close contact between visitors and wildlife. A unique aspect of Grumeti Migration Camp is the close proximity between camp and the surrounding habitat. Wild animals routinely wander within the camp boundaries while a number of species make their home adjacent to the boundary. The Camp is situated within a few hundred meters of the famous Grumeti River, and important local water source and forest area.

The camp maintains a simplistic and authentic African style as well as an Eco- aware approach, leaving the centre stage to the pristine wilderness that encompasses the wild paradise. Care has been taken in the construction of Grumeti Migration Camp to ensure that the highest standards of sustainability and environmental sensitivity are applied. The useof solar power systems and the subtly integrated building structures ensure a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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